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Coffee/Tea After 11:00 am Mass
Volunteer and or meet and socialize with your parish community, or perhaps your child is looking for some community service experience. Volunteers needed! Sunday coffee after the 11:00 am Sunday...
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Men’s Shelter Ministry
Our Parish's 2024 donation collection dates are Friday: January 26 February 23 March 29 April 26 May 24 June 28 July 26 August 23 September 27 October 25 November 29 December 27
2016 Ordination Mass 225
Altar Serving
Come learn more about the Mass from better than a front row seat! Fr. Jeff welcomes boys and girls as Altar Servers from the age of First Holy Communion onwards.  You will be responsible for...
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Ushers and Greeters
We are in need of Ushers and Greeters for all our Masses.  Your time commitment during Mass is approximately once per month, depending on the number of volunteers.  Ushers and Greeters welcome...
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Music and Choirs
Do you love music? But you don't think you are a rock star? Then join one of our choirs. Music and a choir enhance the liturgical celebrations by leading the assembly at Sunday Masses through hymns...
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Lectors perform a ministry of great dignity and importance in the life of the Church.  They proclaim the living Word of God at Mass and at other liturgical services. They proclaim Sacred Scripture...
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Catholic Women's League
St. Pius X Catholic Women’s League Are you a woman that is looking to make a difference in our parish and community?  Are you over 16? Then consider joining St. Pius X’s CWL.  You can learn more...
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Parish Religious Education Program (PREP)
The goal of PREP is to assist parents in the religious education of their children who are attending public schools in Grade 1 through Grade 7, and to prepare them to receive the Sacraments of...

Reverend Jeff Thompson, CSB

Welcome to St. Pius X! Visitors are always welcome. If you're looking for a new parish to call home, we would love to have you. Come speak to me after Mass or drop in at the office.